Component assembly, switch cabinet construction, equipment and plant construction

Inteca professionally assembles plants and switch cabinets as well as assemblies and devices, tested, ready for dispatch and installation. By outsourcing to Inteca you realize cost advantages by being able to concentrate on your core business. Cost savings and quality optimizations in your production can be achieved through the use of our specialized team.

Assembly and quality assurance

We assemble mechanics, pneumatics, drives, electronic controls, sensors and work with highly qualified employees. All assemblies, devices and switch cabinets are optically, mechanically and electrically tested by us after each manufacturing process. Compliance with the customer's assembly instructions is our top priority. Production is continuously monitored and every production step is logged. This enables us to assure our customers of the highest quality. Of course we manufacture according to CE and other desired standards (e.g. UL or SEMI).

minutes of meeting

Upon request, we can supply detailed test reports and parts lists to ensure that all data is transferred to your ERP system.

Service and Support

Thanks to our intelligent ERP system, digital warehouse logistics are always up to date. This gives us an excellent overview of our stock range and material requirements. At the push of a button, this enables us to procure materials quickly and efficiently from qualified suppliers. Inteca offers reliable service and support for all assemblies and modules assembled by us. This also includes the delivery of spare parts.