Electronics development, analog and digital

Control of plants and systems, automation of production...

Analysis of function and component development

Complex plants require extensive control systems. In addition, there are also peripheral circuits, such as power supply units, sensors or controls and drivers for individual drives and pneumatics.

Electronics for industry 4.0

Experienced developers plan and realize your projects. In cooperation with professional software developers we realize the most modern standard of the industry 4.0. Highest reliability is the target for all projects. Of course we develop exactly according to your specifications. We deal intensively with your ideas and turn the required functions into reality. All developments are carefully checked by us.

Calculation and project specifications

The development also includes series maturity. Products must be able to be manufactured in any quantity. This also includes checking and forecasting the availability of the components.

Take advantage of the competence and experience of our developers!

Software Development

Assemblies, modules and systems

Today, software is part of every system and inseparably linked to its properties. That's why it's natural for Inteca to provide development support here as well.

Controls for systems

No matter whether the control is completely taken over by a PC, whether it is embedded logic or drives and the functional sequences have to be programmed, Inteca supplies the corresponding software.

Our developers have extensive experience in programming system controls. But also the "Human Interface" (HMI) is taken into account and is programmed and designed according to the customer's specifications, only in this way can a machine be operated clearly and safely.

Complete solutions according to your wishes

The programming also includes the interface to the analogue world, e.g. the sensor technology and the associated signal processing as well as the control of the drives and pneumatics. We are happy to offer our services for this as well.

We deal intensively with your specifications and deliver tailor-made solutions.

system development

Mechanical assemblies for production automation

Production equipment, control technology, automatic handling equipment and production automation require mechanics and pneumatics.

Identification with the projects

Inteca is able to develop complete solutions due to its comprehensive competence in the fields of mechanics, pneumatics, electronics, drive and control technology (incl. programming). We deal intensively with your specifications and requirements in order to develop rational and functional solutions.

The complete development from one source

Of course, our developments are based on current 3D CAD systems, which also allow the simulation of functions before the hardware is created. We supply assembly drawings, parts lists and the complete documentation, on request also with a manual according to CE.

Secure calculation and project specifications

We develop according to specifications. "Is your project not yet defined?" This is created by us so that clear project specifications and a secure calculation are guaranteed. This applies not only to development up to the prototype, but also to the finished system ready for series production. We also take on partial developments or series development for modules and entire systems.

Just talk to us, we will realize your visions or simply expand your development capacities!