• ribbon cables
  • control cables
  • Data and signal cables
  • coax lines
  • motor cable
  • connecting cables
  • single strands
  • Cable harnesses in the vehicle area
  • individual wiring harnesses
  • special cables

cable assembly

Inteca has specialized in cable assemblies of all kinds for various branches of industry. We have been supplying optimal solutions for electrical connection technology for more than 30 years.

The reliability of every single connection is the basis for a stable system. Inteca manufactures cable assemblies for various cables, wires, contacts and plugs. Materials and special tools are carefully selected for processing, production processes are consistently divided into sub-steps and each production step is strictly controlled.

You as the customer are the focus of attention. All products are carefully coordinated with you. With our experience and our know-how we guarantee you a perfect execution. You can rely on punctual delivery.

Of course, this quality assurance has its price. What matters is what you get in return. And all our many long-standing customers appreciate this. Especially when it comes to small and medium quantities, every move has to be right - from the very first piece.

Every connection is important - in the device as well as from person to person.